Traveling to Colorado
August 6, 2004

For those of you traveling to Colorado it's easy to do so by planes, trains and automobiles. The airport is located within 45 minutes of Boulder, Centennial and Denver. Additionally the wedding chapel and reception sites are only 20 minutes or less from any of the recommended hotels. The airport code for travel arrangements is DIA and the website can be found here. The offical DIA website has online airplane information under "Flights" on the left hand side of the page as well as rental car information under the "Ground Transportion" link in the same area.

For those of you who would like to travel by train, Amtrak is another way to travel. Some potential stopping stations here in Colorado include Boulder (BLD), Denver (DEN), Denver Bus Station (DEB), Denver Airport (DIA) and Union Station (DEN).

For those of you driving, Mapquest is a great way to get directions, distances, and approximate traveling times. Approximate travel times for a few cities can be found below. For an address in Denver, feel free to use the address to Marni's parents house found under the contact information page.
St.Louis, Missouri850 miles13 hours
Kalamazoo, Michigan1150 miles18 hours
Chicago, Illinois1020 miles15.5 hours